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. >>> even today over celebrating the st. today? >>> john the baptist is being celebrated his be heading he appears twice in the church calendar the first time is on his birthday in the second time today we recognize his be handing his martyrdom he is not because stink stephen the first murder but john the baptist is really murder even before him. >>> of course as the process of canonization but there is an understanding perhaps the meth if you are murdered her automatically sent is that true >>> you are in reality it go directly to have been and all those in heaven are saints were ordered for the faith. either of two types of martyrdom is murdered him for hatred of faith from the one who kills them hates the faith or sent for some virtue connected with the faith. so those murders certainly go straight to heaven but they're not always recognize runaway but many of them have been in time >>> it's an exciting process and it begins but had they come up with this? >>> as you say the murders in the early church christians for persecuted and the early era of the church and then it caused some
like john mccain said bonn from a plumber that question president obama >>> john mccain alluded to joe the plumber and that barack obama would share the wealth >>> that give matt cain a boost in the polls but as matt cain learned even a memorable debate moment carries a candid only so far. the live audience for the first debate expected to be about 60 million people, half the number expected to vote in the election. chip reid cbs news >>> a look of the debate scheduled the first to bed wednesday in denver, on october 11th vice-president biden and paul ryan will lock horns in danville, kentucky, then two more presidential debates and hampstead new york and boca raton florida. a new poll shows proposition 38 that would earmark funds for schools appears to be headed for defeat an l.a. times poll shows 34 percent of voters favored the tax 52% oppose it it will affect most californians the measures wealthy backer has spent $30 million on the campaign. a competing measure supported by gov. brown will raise taxes only on the wealthy doing better, proposition 30 supported by 35 percent of vote
. we are joined by my colleagues, the vice chair, john avalos is in route and we are joined by committee members commissioners christine olague and hope schmeltzer and the other commissioners are enroute. the clerk is alisa miller and we are grateful to the follow members of the sfg tv staff and jesse larson and john ross. madam clerk if you could please call item number two and we are joined by the vice chair. >> item two is approval of the minutes from the last meeting special meeting. >> great. commissioner schmeltzer. >> i move to approve the minutes. >> do we have a motion? before we act on that motion we will act any member of the public that would like to speak. seeing none. we have a motion and a second. if we could take that without objection. thank now we can call item three. >> item three is community reports and sf program 448rand status of the public utilities commission. >> great and i will turn it over to first our executive 5n5nxzof nancy miller and we are joined by the assistant general manager, barbara hale but i want to simply note that we hit a pre
senator who will play the role of the president president obama looks to massachusetts senator john kerry to stand in for romney. the debate at the university of denver will get both candidates a chance to explain their stance on the economy dru levenson cbs news >>> but first the date is wednesday in denver on october 11th, biden and republican nominee paul ryan will lock horns in danville, ky and then two more presidential debates one in hempstead new york than bulk raton, florida. from the cbs 5 weather center, our live camera looking out towards dublin that area was a record highs by sunday,,,,,,,,,, you. we know you. we know you have to rise early... and work late, with not enough sleep in between. how you sometimes need to get over to that exit, like, right now. and how things aren't... just about you anymore. introducing the all-new, smart-sensing... honda accord. it starts with you. >>> general motors recalls more than 40,000 cars and warm weather states and california. the company says a plastic part can crack from the heat and cause a fuel leak and fire. includes all 2007 and 2
to get across the bay to the peninsula. >>> when we come back we will check in with john miller and mike from san diego or a preview of tonight's giants game, a game you will see here on nbc bay area in just a couple of minutes. >>> around the bay area right now we have temperatures getting close to 90 in a few spots. we'll see plenty more of that, though, by this time tomorrow as we're watching a bit of a heat wave setting up for the bay area. the sea breeze right now is about to go away. you're going to be surprised by how hot the temperature is going to get in the seven-day forecast, coming up. >>> this was one of the classic bay area days, foggy, near the coast and very, very warm inland. let's check in with meteorologist and what's going on. hi, rob. >> hi. we did have the nice spread of temperatures. we did see the low clouds inland, mid morning clearing for a valleys. but the change we're going to see tomorrow is really the boundary going from cool near the ocean to just down right hot for most of our inland valleys. right now still pretty comfortable out there. 70s and 80s away f
moultrie. >> thank you. for this item we have john updike. >> good morning members of the committee. john updike, director of real estate . this item seeks approval of a renewal license agreement for telecommunications at 99 moultrie, in bernal heights, surrounded by the park. i have a location map on the overhead for you. more specifically, the actually facility itself. you can see the existing tower and associated building that houses the equipment that serves that tower. this was actually a city-owned facility, along with the park around it. until it was purchased by at&t in 1961 through a condemnation action against the city. the park still remains a city asset. there's easement rights through that park. as a park, that condemnation settlement in 1961, the city retained certain rights to limited number of pieces of equipment through the tower and adjacent building. if the city required additional pieces then we needed to execute a second ago agreement with ownership of the tower and pay market rate for that. since 1993, that, in fact, has been the case. the city has had a separate lic
. >> thank you very much. next speaker? >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm john elbing i'm president of the taco group and i am speaking over my three decades of experience in the redevelopment. i have my letter here of the distribution. >> the name of this new agency is incredibly awkward and you can make it better. that is a small thing, much more important is a full record of all of the assets we are talking about transferring to this new body. it may not just be the three remaining project areas or the housing, the agency had other substantial assets in the gardens that are still there and also at issue in dissolution, i cannot tell reading this document whether that whole complex with the gardens and that property goes to the new entity or does not. in addition, there are quite a few outstanding, loans and agreements with commercial properties in the old project areas, there was an addition, that need to be monitored and enforced and sometimes amended. it is not clear what is the disposition of those contracts and those loans and other assets. that needs to be spelled out and i
and high school, june john high school and thurgood marshall academic high school. and i'm here representing our youth who couldn't be here today. they had strong feelings about the m-o-u process. and just to ensure that it's really respectful to students and the way that it's created and developed. so, i'm really glad to hear them speak about extending the process for more community groups to get them involved and make sure we do more than what was in the previous m-o-u to make sure students rights are respected where students won't be arrested in the classroom, where the police department is actually submitting data and reports about what they are doing in the school so that the community can be aware of it and make sure that things are happening in a way that we kind of envision them. we work with a lot of students who had issues with the police, being harassed by the police in their neighborhood to being profiled. it makes them it important for police to be at school to provide safety. it's really about how do we bridge that gap and make sure the police are there to serve an
to attend john adams and school, i'm active not just in running for office, but the work doesn't stop because of the campaign. we should elect a supervisor who understands the challenges of the district, who understands how to bring people together. and who has, as andrew said, a vision for the future of what the district should look like? i understand and remember the past. it was not always bright in the district. q+!rknow how to make good th happen and bring people together in our community. and also, i know what a great district 5 could potentially look like. the african-american art and culture complex was once a place falling apart. it's now a place thriving with artists and the community and with you if you come visit us. it's an amazing facility and it's exactly what i want to make district 5, an amazing district 5. london breed for district 5 supervisor. >> thank you very much. thank you to all of you, [ applause ] >> before you leave tonight, let me remind you, if you are not registered to vote, please register right away and encourage others as well. if you have moved, yo
obama and for the president's preparations senator john kerry will stand in for romney. cub manager brown vetoes a bill to ban agencies from disrupting cellphones service without court order, it targeted bart, which sparked a free-speech debate when it cut cellphones service in san francisco to disrupt the planned protest, the governor said it could divert attention from a true emergency by requiring court agencies to get eight court order prior to a shutdown >>> public pensions are a big problem many thought reform could not go far enough public pensions are half of that elizabeth cook on why the other financial nightmare not getting the attention. >>> gov. brown may focus is aimed at public pension reform but another fiscal problem looms in the distance for california cities paying for retiree health benefits >>> by the time they declare bankruptcy they closed the benefits that closed libraries and deferreds to reclining they've raised library fees all those things happen first >>> all this happens in a city near you san jose is wrapped up a billion dollar del oakland more than 50
of real estate for the city. >> good afternoon chair mar, members of the committee. i am john updike with real estate and this is a summary easement located southwest of jesse street. i'm going to put a map on the over head. the area is highlighted in red here. right in the center of the block. so it's just southwest of the end of jesse street, southwest of tenth street. the easement was for a sewer line that is no longer in use. planning issued and their plan and remember didded contingency and letter here and all of the squeaka motions were carried through as listed here. all of those are on file with the clerk. and the additional number recommending that the file. and this is an easement done by an independent appraiser and calls for payment to the city for 77,000-dollar for the conveyance once vacated. this is a closer look at the actual easement area. and there are some physical items to be removed as part of the on going construction. the funds return to the department of jurisdiction which in this case is the sfpuc. i that commission approved the conveyance and the
the legislation and its amendment. thank c3nyou. >> supervisors, good afternoon. john conner. i am a speaker from the -- [inaudible] being repetitious and can i get a show of hands of people in support of it is legislation. i was a member of the working trust fund for many months and part of the goals of the housing trust fund was a stimulus as well for smaller builders so they can get some of the projects can't get credit for many years get them off the ground. just to revirtback 1992 the first policy was adopted. in 2002 and ten units or more. 2006 dropped to less than five and then 1/20 of the five unit building. that was the analysis done at the time so i don't think there was any justification back in 2006 for reducing the inclusionary to five units. as a result one project has moved forward since 2006. there was two really good years of economic housing boom here from 2006 to when leavein brothers collapsed and no projects submitted at that time so the downturn didn't effect. it was the legislation of the five to nine units. personally i build three buildings in this range of five t
. and then after the city attorney's office, we'll hear from the mayor's office. >> john gib ner, deputy city attorney, i will be brief. we were asked to respond to three findings, numbers 5, 6 -- four findings, 5, 6, 7 and 12 and three recommendations, 1, 3 and 4, i believe olse responded to number 5, basically the same content as we did, finding number 6 regarding auditing by olse, we deferred to that department. finding number 7, that when a business tells customers it's going be using a surcharge for one purpose and uses it for a different purpose, that is consumer fraud, we agree with the grand jury on that, as you all know, our office has a long tradition of aggressively enforcing consumer fraud laws and of course we'll continue to do that. finding number 12 is -- states that hra's may not be an allowable option nrords to the health care plan, as to several of the responses indicated, there are pending regulations in implementing the care act and once those regulations are issued, we will of course brief the board and all affected city departments under effect on our ordinance. as for t
name is john doll and i promise to be brief. this is a follow up to an information item that was presented two weeks ago. regarding a staff recommendation for a selection process for the pier 38 rehabilitation project. at that time, port commissioners provided input with this selection process. as noted in the staff report, commissioners inquired whether there was a way to rehab and retenant the bulkhead building quickly and also develop a way to consider developer qualifications for long-term plan for the rest of pier 38. there was also a certain whether there was a way to improve the physical appearance of the pier 38 shed. and finally there was an inquiry whether or not there was a pose blts to engage the developers one for the bulkhead project and the longer term redevelopment of pier 38. in response to this input, the staff has listened and recommends the following pier 38 project objectivities that would be inserted into the rfp. one, top priority would be to quickly repair and reteb ant the pier 38 bulkhead and two, respondent to this rsp process may submit to a m
john roberts the deciding vote that upheld president obama's health care law and sparked debate across the country. and keys to the city sold, locks smith sold a ring to an undercover reporter. a dream come true to potential terrorists, elevators, open subway gates, and access to 1 world trade center, he reportedly stole them for a measley 150 bucks and reported will i still has more keys he's trying to sell. well, miss one school lunch payment and you get the hard boiled egg special. that's the new rule at a new jersey school district. a student at two schools owes 3.10. they only get a hard bold egg, crackers and carton of milk for lunch, instead of a full meal. that was not announced until the first day of classes, they've not yet commented. >> alisyn: i think that's great, a great punishment. >> dave: yeah, you'd probably take that punishment. >> alisyn: i could happily-- >> and nothing worse, i mean, hard boiled eggs. and i don't like within 12 feet. >> alisyn: breakfast, hard boiled egg, sounds good. >> horrible. you have the mayonnaise. >> i snuck it to my wife in this chicken s
lines, mike and my staff, john davy went to the cruise lines and requested that the vessels not be stored in san francisco, so all of the large semitrailers, full of food and provisioning that normally would take place on two days has been moved to san diego at another port ocall and we have taken those trucks off the road and they have notified the passengers of the impact and slightly altered their embark and disembark schedules to allow for the cleanest working the ship. so princess is on board, that is our biggest customer, they are aware tf and kind of excited about it and they are aware and the passengers are aware >> good, because their passengers may have some of the best viewing right from the ship. >> you might mention the docents. >> we have a team of greeters in st* that come in and greet every ship and hand out information and maps and information to the passengers looking to find out where they should go and what is to be seen. we have the disney wonder in port this afternoon, here on an over night call, it is at 4:00 or 5:00 in our volunteer passenger docents
license fee at the levels it was before. >> thank you. candidate john rizzo, who could not join us tonight said in response to the survey that his "top policy objective was better management of the city." if the city's growing liabilities outpace revenue, what poorly managed programs could be reformed or eliminated to help balance the city's budget. we would like to hear answers from mr. johnson, miss davis and miss olague. >> i will give you two examples of where he i would start to look. one we had with regard to the mta a major problem with work orders and waste and inefficiencies and we see other agencies basically cannibalizing muni. muni buss are being fixed with plastic bags and duct-tape. that kind of waste and inefficiency should be cut out of the system immediately. we need to look at our upper management fee schedules, including the highest paid police chief and some of the highest paid top brass at the police department. so i would start to look at our master fee schedules at the upper management levels where we can save some money. >> thank you. miss johnson? >> i agree wit
proposed? >> john gibner, city attorney. in the document that was circulated i believe it's on page 13. lines 2 and 3. the ordinance authorizes the commission to delegate it any of its duties to the executive director. there is no limitation in that authority other than the subsequent section that requires that the executive director follow the commission's policy directions on collective bargaining matters. >> does that mean that except for that limitation on collective bargaining matters that you could have a situation where the commission could delegate all of its authority to an executive director to decide as they deem fit? >> that is right that. is what the ordinance would allow currently. >> thank you very much for that clarification. i wanted to clarify that, because i haven't seen that level of expansive language delegating that much power to one individual and actually, mr. gibner, under the ordinance right now, who appoints the executive director? >> colleagues i look forward to hearing any other comments, but i personally believe it's aprecipitate for us to do a little
that the memory of john muir is held up because of that but it's our main source of water now. it's a major source of hydro electric power and relatively cheap and clean and to try to get that power elsewhere and the water elsewhere and all of the money, the resources, the pollution that would go into the demolition of this dam, i am afraid how we stand now in san francisco in 2012 losing it would be a big problem and i am voting no on f. >> thank you. mr. crowley. >> i was the head of the public utilities commission here in san francisco and wrote an op-ed piece about this piece of legislation. we're carry our city's power through this process, gravity ridden and four we 4.six billion dollars into the system and we are an enterprise here in kgzyl francisco. we have the best water and power in the world and i suggest to sell that would be a bigger carbon footprint and cost about $10 billion to erect another reservoir which we don't have in place at this point and time. >> thank you. >> definitely against measure f. we have these romantic idealized measures and it's well intentiond and le
to get started and get finished with the job just as quickly as possible. >> geng, john -- here on behalf of the permit holder. we are happy to announce that we are also in agreement with the plans that we provided to the board and that we're asking that you make those changes to us so that we can fulfill this settlement agreement. it has been requested by the former represent of the appellants, his name is pat buscovich, his name is on the appeal that we mention that. he is no longer representing the appellants and was not involved with the negotiations leading to this settlement. we're working with the permit holder and appellants and have come to this agreement and respectfully request that you make the changes that we've agreed to so we can move forward with this permit. thank you. >> vice president fung: is your exhibit a dated august 22, 2012 the official settlement document? >> yes, that is. it's actually exhibit a to the actual settlement agreement, commissioner. >> are there no further questions for the parties, we can see if there's any departmental comment. nothing? any public
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)